Top travel activites

1200px-Exploration_UrbaineTop travel activites

Forget about the old fashioned holiday where we spent all our time lazing around on a beach somewhere. Holidays today should be fun, active and exciting, and there are many ways to accomplish that.

Get wet!

Scuba diving is an activity that will never go out of fashion! The world below the sea surface is something almost alien, and scuba diving opens up a whole new world of exploration and adventures. Scuba diving is relatively easy to learn, and you can get a certificate almost anywhere in the world.

White water rafting is another activity that has gotten a lot more available for the masses within the last decade. There’s no doubting the thrill of rafting down the rapids of a powerful river, and even though you might feel like you’re on the verge of catastrophe most routes are relatively safe and you’ll have experienced guides to look after you.

Up, up and away

Treetop adventures have gotten extremely popular, probably because even though they give you a huge thrill, there is very little risk involved. These activities include things like zip lining, balance wires and trapeze and you can find companies offering treetop adventures anywhere from Thailand to Sweden. In fact, one of the leading treetop adventures in Europe is located in Stockholm, Sweden and they offer everything you might want when it comes to high-flying excitement. For the more faint-hearted there is also a ground course that doesn’t involve scouring, falling or rappelling. Check out your options on

If you’re looking for the thrill of heights, you should also look into hot air ballooning. You won’t be experiencing the speed and perceived danger of zip lining around the treetops, but you’ll get a view you could only imagine in your wildest dreams! Can you imagine a better way of seeing the beautiful Turkish landscape of Cappadocia, or spotting lions and zebras on the African savannah?

On a budget

You don’t have to push the boundaries of your budget to experience something a little new and different. The last few years, a new culture of exploration has surfaced, and it’s called urban exploration. This involves exploring ruins, abandoned buildings and other manmade structures, and be both exciting and scary. There is also potential danger involved, if you don’t take care to evaluate the safety of the structure you’re exploring.