Tips for Visiting the Empire State Building in New York

The Empire State Building, standing on 5th Avenue & 34th Street, is the most iconic and well-known landmark of New York City. The Art Deco skyscraper, completed in 1931, has 102 floors; it had been the highest building on the planet for about 40 years. For near one hundred years, it has been the symbol of America and an icon of American architecture. It takes its visitors into a world of history, culture, architecture, glamor, and more, which other structures can hardly match. The following are tips for visiting the Empire State Building.

  • Buy tickets online. You have to wait in 3 lines to get to the Observatory. They are the ticket, security, and elevator lines. Buying your ticket online skips the ticket line.
  • Stay away from the queues. The skyscraper entertains millions and millions of visitors each year. however, it opens from 8 – 2 A.M. every day. You could avoid the crowd by choosing a quieter time.
  • Do not pass the Observatory on the 102nd floor because its views of New York are extraordinary; you cannot buy the ticket for it online, but you can buy the ticket on the 86th floor.
  • Pay attention to the weather. The Empire State Building gets the best views on clear days.
  • Give yourself enough time to visit the Art Deco skyscraper, and it is at least 2 hours.
  • Get ready for the security check. Everyone must pass through security screening. Glass and bottles are not allowed while cameras and camcorders are permitted. If you like to make a video, music video editing is helpful for it. Also, the building does not have a luggage check, and you need to carry it with you.
  • Getting married in the building is only available on Valentine’s Day, and the application for it is due by November 30.

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