Documenting Your Travel Adventures

For those who enjoy traveling, it can be an enjoyable experience to look back on their previous adventures. Of course, most people have a cell phone camera to take photographs when they are on vacation, but when do you ever really look at them again? These days, it is unusual to actually print the images to have a lasting memory. An easier option might be to actually buy posters representing the countries and cities you have visited.

A Travel Gallery

A great place to decorate is your own personal space, so you could purchase stunning bedroom posters and create your own gallery. Imagine simply lying in bed and being reminded of your travels. The first place you should head to is the Desenio website which has hundreds of affordable posters covering lots of topics. It’s easy to find what you want with a list of categories, and your starting point could be the maps and cities section.

Finding Inspiration

If you have never really done any form of interior design, you may not know how best to position your posters for the most significant impact. The Desenio website has inspirational photos showing how different rooms in your house could look. A glance at the bedroom section will give you lots of ideas on how to arrange your posters above the bed or on other walls. If one particular image appeals to you, you can actually click that specific photo to buy all the featured posters.

Maps and Cities

There is such a great selection of travel posters at Desenio; that you really are spoilt for choice. You need to decide whether your gallery should include only the places you have actually been to or just representations of a particular city or country. For example, if Paris was one of your favorite destinations, you could have a poster of dawn breaking over the city. Or, if you want to be reminded of your trip to the Eiffel Tower, then that too is an option.

Although Desenio has a fantastic range of frames for your bedroom posters, you could actually just buy the print of a map and mark on it the places you have been. You could pin little souvenirs to it as well.

Text or Images

You may be surprised to find posters at Desenio that only feature text rather than images. That doesn’t mean they are any less attractive or don’t belong in your collection. For example, there is an exciting print called Travel the World, which is set out in the style of an airport departure board. Another interesting poster is a map of the world, where only the names of the countries have been used to create the image.

Setting up your travel gallery will bring back many happy memories. You may even be inspired by a new adventure simply because you have found an intriguing poster of the destination on the Desenio website.

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